Yo mi – how much money burning rice and vegetable roll to join the whole

Japanese style cooking food fight skin there are many, but can be accepted by the Chinese brands should not be much. But South Korea cuisine the popularity of everybody is obvious to people, many investors have to open a restaurant in Japan and South Korea style ideas, but suffer from the right project can not find, here is a good brand, with rice and vegetable roll burn you recommended.

yo Mi burning not only inherits the traditional rice and vegetable roll burned taste and flavor of Taiwan rice and vegetable roll process, adding cheese, fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood and other fillings, not only nutrition is more comprehensive, also greatly enriched the burning rice and vegetable roll varieties and taste, not only delicious, is completely to the modern pursuit of healthy, more and more people can’t help falling in love with this is a snack can do little delicious food, so it was launched, quickly became a lot of people have swept the high streets and back lanes, the signs of a delicacy, leading rice Tuanfeng tide, won praise from consumers and favor, eating people is good natural business.

Japanese and Korean snacks brand which is good? Yo Mi cooked rice and vegetable roll? Look at the following Xiaobian to introduce the brand with rice and vegetable roll burn.

hunger breeds discontentment, catering industry is booming in recent years, according to the China catering industry report 2013 survey results show that: the food and beverage industry in the fastest growing fast food industry; while the fast food industry in the development of the most favorable characteristics of fast food, snacks desktop is on this spring, with its unique taste, novel in the form of a distinctive brand image and catering culture occupied the domestic snack market rapidly, soon as like bamboo shoots after a spring rain all over the country, the development prospects are very impressive, has become the main force in the development of the catering industry.


with fast food in rice and vegetable roll burn, desktop upstart. Lovely shape, fresh style, simple operation, convenient dining mode, flexible mode, unique in the market can be the staple food snack stalls, shop all the fire.

yo Mi broke the mass of burning rice and vegetable roll table delicacy only is noodles, chicken, octopus balls etc. breath snacks impression, novel and interesting, strange taste, shape very personality, taste rich and distinct taste, close to the trend of consumer demand, once launched, as the representative of new desktop delicacy a lead quickly swept the high streets and back lanes, rice and vegetable roll cyclone. Become a sensation in the market, across the creative snacks and fast food brands in the field of integrated food and beverage projects, selling hot day!

yo Mi joined burning rice and vegetable roll need how many money?

venture capital investment fee: 19800 yuan + annual operating service fee of $2000

instantly have: Yo Mi series, health grain rice and vegetable roll burn burn, sushi rice and vegetable roll series series, burning taste rice and vegetable roll four series production > rice and vegetable roll

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