60 after Liu Shuangquan start planting output exceeded 10 million – net

60, for a lot of people present, really is the elder, the people often have become grandparents Grandpa grandmother, entrepreneurial age with such seemingly not much, however, the protagonist is such a person ages, but also the success of oh.

1979, only 17 years old Liu Shuangquan went out to learn cooking. From the thousands of dollars to break the market to earn millions of property, to the cross-border business failed to return to the origin of the night, Liu Shuangquan tasted the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. After setbacks, Liu Shuangquan returned to his hometown to develop planting industry, after years of hard work, he used his industrious hands, to reclaim a new world.

borrow money to buy a shop to earn millions of jobs

seedling and seedling planting gap to grasp, pay attention to control the temperature inside the greenhouse……" February 26th morning, the reporters came to the district ban Zeng Zhen Liu Shuangquan planting base, at the same time, he is directing the workers planted pepper seedlings base. See a reporter, he put down his work, with a reporter to visit the base, about the entrepreneurial story over the years.

in 1979, after graduating from junior high school, I want to do business, to the home borrowed 1000 yuan, came to work in Chengdu alone, learning to make traditional snacks." Liu Shuangquan told reporters, because of hard work, he was ready for 3 months. At that time, the broad prospects of the snack market, after thinking, he came to Xi’an, borrowed 1000 yuan, opened a snack bar. But different eating habits, Liu Shuangquan snack business only a few days of flourishing. Since then, he was in Xi’an, Shandong, Anhui and other places to shop, but did not stand firm.

1991, he came to Zhejiang, accidentally discovered Sichuan spicy taste is very popular with local people like. So, Liu Shuangquan confidently opened a snack bar. "Find the market, see the hope." At that time, Liu Shuangquan every morning to get up at 4 o’clock, 6:30 to open the door on time, until 9 in the evening, the guests flocked. In 1999, his net worth of millions.

investment real estate investment spend all savings

earned money, I was a little confused, do 20 years of food and beverage, some tired of trying to change careers." Liu Shuangquan told reporters that the real estate market in Zhejiang coincides with a fiery Wenzhou, his friend suggested that he invest in real estate. In 2000, he took out all his savings, in Wenzhou, a real estate developer to get a sub project, the construction of two commercial buildings. To this end, he also specifically recruited from the hometown of more than 100 people, composed of a construction team.

construction progress is still smooth, half a year after the start, the basement of the building was completed on schedule, but also unexpected things. "In accordance with the agreement, the construction of the basement during the cost of all recommended

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