1 to April the province’s above scale industrial added value grew by 6.7%

to accelerate the cultivation and development of the main body of the market, since this year, the provincial Commission by letter together, in accordance with the "four combination" continuous force, 1-4 months of the province’s above scale industrial added value increased by 6.7%, the province’s overall industrial economy remained stable.

– "Bangkun" and "provincial" combination. Xining, Haidong, Haixi three regions, parks and key enterprises, strengthen the protection of factors, the establishment of enterprise account. Cash 4 million 200 thousand yuan in 2014 up regulation under regulation on enterprise incentive funds in many ways to support the growth of small and micro enterprises as well as concentrated area (business incubator), financing guarantee system construction, promoting small and micro enterprises to accelerate growth.

– "expand the old" and "new" combination. At present, the province’s industrial projects focus on the "double hundred", 63 projects have been opened in the building, and the optical fiber preform, sun power inverter project has been completed and put into production; 100 technological innovation projects, 70 projects have been started research and development. During the year, the fund will focus on technological innovation to provide support to the photovoltaic industry, lithium magnesium materials, specialty biological resources, e-commerce and other technical research and development and public service platform.

"upstream" and "downstream" combination. Many batches of organized photovoltaic, aluminum, equipment and other key industries and packaging materials, mold, lighting and other key products on the downstream sales and service docking, up until the end of April, the cumulative amount of 11 billion yuan to complete the docking, help enterprises to expand the market, stable operation and increase efficiency. Organization of banking financial institutions and 385 industrial enterprises reached 30 billion 660 million yuan of credit cooperation intentions, focusing on the financing needs of small and micro enterprises to promote the financing of 419.

"internal" and "external" combination. To promote the decentralization of administrative examination and approval, were combing the licensing matters 10, administrative service matters 6, other rights 7, a list of responsibilities and powers of the list has been sent to the provincial audit office. 000 cadres into the enterprise service activities, effectively solve a large number of outstanding problems restricting the development of enterprises.


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