Urban planning and construction should grasp the five views

November 12th, the municipal government held a forum on urban planning and construction management. Mayor Wang Yubo, vice mayor of the city of four, the district government and relevant departments responsible comrades attended the meeting in. Participants around how to further strengthen the management of urban planning and construction work experience in Xining, the inverse problem, explore exchanges, brainstorming. Wang Yubo pointed out that to further strengthen the Xining city planning and construction management work, in order to implement the provincial government of Xining Province, strong service, the construction of the eastern city of group strategy as the center of Xining, in order to reflect the good, good, good response to reflect the new requirements for the development of the city people’s city, in order to adapt to the new requirements of the development trend of the world city the city’s various aspects, must deepen the understanding of the situation, in-depth study of Xining city characteristics and development orientation, and better reflect the role of Xining in the development of the province’s position and responsibility.

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