2015PE market will be ending a record, half GP optimistic about 2016 and expand the team

Abstract: in the dividend policy under the support of the "double" economic prosperity and development, "the four" platform continues to grow, raise public policy gradually improve, angel investment is increasingly active investment to accelerate the early stage forward, shut down over four months to restart the IPO, the introduction of new three layered scheme, 2016 will be equity market a year off.

2015 with the multi-layer capital market increasingly rich and perfect, the industry regulatory policy gradually settled and mature, China domestic private equity market booming Chinese private equity investment, equity market development is like a raging fire. "13th Five-Year" plan to be a good Internet, medical and other investment; the "double" economic prosperity and development, "the four" platform growing; accelerate the reform of state-owned enterprises set off a wave of mergers and acquisitions; to raise public platform "right" implementation; insurance funds set up a private equity fund in various provinces and cities to set up the government gate; government guide fund; public agencies have vied for VC/PE listed on the new board, these are the main causes of the rapid development of the equity investment market in 2015. Under this background, the Qing Branch Group through the mainstream institutions active in the equity investment in the market were investigated, from the aspects of equity investment management back to conduct a comprehensive investigation, trying to show the anticipation VC/PE mechanism to 2016 towards the equity market, in order to provide reference for relevant persons engaged in equity investment industry.

According to the

clear through the group’s private statistics show that since 2015, Chinese equity investment showed rapid growth, the number of investment cases and the amount of investment both hit record highs, the number of investment cases exceeded 7000, involving a total amount of nearly $80 billion, VC/PE investment institutions become more and more early stage; raising the amount above $100 billion for the first time, to the $111 billion 752 million grades to new highs, the number of new funds increased sharply, compared with the year 2014 increased by 2 times; in 2015 the number of exit cases compared with the year 2014 increased nearly two times, due to the IPO lockout four months, three new board become an important channel for exit VC/PE exit. In November 24, 2015, the new board stratification plan released the National SME share transfer system (Draft), the implementation of the internal market stratification, the first stage is divided into basic layer and layer of innovation, innovation is equipped with three sets of access standards. With the gradual improvement of the new three board market level institutions, listed company liquidity will be improved, its valuation will be the overall upgrade, the new three board will also become a huge gold mine.

2015: raising the VC/PE market in 2015 the number of new funds increased sharply, to raise the amount of about 700 billion yuan

2015 three new board market hot rich multi-level capital market exit channels, stimulate investor enthusiasm, enhance the investment intentions of LP. In addition, the State Council issued a document to accelerate the construction of the "double" platform, encourage and support the development of "four people"; to raise public equity policy more comprehensively; active angel investment; reform of state-owned enterprises mergers and acquisitions boom triggered hot Internet field; all enhanced >

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