Five to five West Wulian visit New Year call

old speech laughter, singing bursts of spring, before the 2014 West District Community concert held in Qinghai theater, opened the "five, five visits, Wulian sent" a prelude to the Spring Festival Huimin project.

this year in order to allow people to enjoy the rich and colorful "spiritual feast" during the festival, feel the warm winter, spend a happy and peaceful holiday, the west area through the five, five, five visits to send "Spring Festival Huimin project, pay New Year’s call to the public masses.

culture big new year, happiness into ten thousand, West District first sent books. In order to implement the spirit of the eighteen, and the the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee speech series general secretary Xi Jinping, the district was sent to the village community, learning books, and carefully organize the compilation of the study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping’s speech series "people preaching Handbook", by the party members and the masses loved the form of publicity to explain. Delivery activities, organized by the 2014 West District Community concert, the "golden horse new year · harmonious public art show, music and" spring tea party Huang · 1000 Fu ", happy family and other activities, to rich and colorful activities for the masses, new year. Send couplets, western province invited famous painting spring couplets, Mo Ying sent to carry out the horse, please the famous painting to the community, the village couplets, send blessings. Send health, carry out Spring Carnival, fun games and other forms of fitness activities, organizing medical backbone of the clinic, on holiday healthy diet knowledge, make people more healthy for the spring festival. Give peace of mind, the region to carry out safety inspection, overhaul of the market prices, food safety, air pollution, forest fire prevention, fire protection, special purchases for the Spring Festival supply of key units and fireworks sales outlets and other key areas, key, key links, investigation of factors of disharmony, rectification problem, to put in place to ensure that the majority of people people live a happy and peaceful holiday.

visited the Chinese new year, people close to the heart, West District will spring visits combined with the party’s mass line educational practice, the county level leading cadres and institutions, neighborhood offices, area units, Party members and deep linking point helping village, community members, and poverty difficult group to carry out "five Wulian visit" and the moral model home, to understand the living conditions of the masses, through home visits, record the diary, solve the difficult life of the masses, further changes in work style of cadres, promoting the harmony, enhance each other’s feelings.

winter warmth, love the people. West District Festival condolences activities successively to the urban and rural low object, the beneficiaries and other one-time payment of the Spring Festival, living subsidy assistance payments and other living subsidies of more than 700 yuan, more than 12000 people involved in rescue. Before the holiday, the west district also specifically for the sake of helping others, filial piety old love, honest and trustworthy urban level moral model, the old party members and grassroots party organizations condolences, received a good social effect.


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