Condense Qinghai spirit to promote the spiritual civilization soft power

development in Qinghai, the progressive civilization.

with plain and persistent, writing boundless loyalty to the party and the people of Qinghai by a Communist Party, cadres and masses of all ethnic groups and respected the era model with their own gabulong; ordinary "life", honest and dedicated for the well-being of the masses, vivid interpretation of the contemporary Chinese Communist Party People’s excellent representative Lian Fuzhang; loyalty to the party, maintain the character, hard work, dedication to Yushu cultural undertakings, selfless reconstruction in Yushu the most beautiful old cadres ang GA; 24 years rooted in southern grassland, for the people with the selfless dedication and selfless work state of people as one of the province’s outstanding communist party member pointed…… A number of significant examples of the embodiment of the spirit of Qinghai, the practice of the model of the party continue to emerge.

lives tenaciously on the plateau, "workaholic" Wang Chengyuan; 12 years of blood donation, a good love Wang Dongsheng; lead folks to get rich, warm-hearted person Deng Liancheng; mother back to college, play with perseverance, the interpretation of the "Pepsi filial piety" and "90" Bai Yonghao…… One of the most beautiful people in Qinghai with sincere dedication and dedication without hesitation, the interpretation of a lot of ordinary stories into the eternal truth and goodness.

civilized city, civilized village, civilized industry, unit of civilization, civilization to create a family continued to advance; moral lecture, advertisement, civilized persuasion, civilized traffic such as "civilized behavior" activities like a raging fire; caring for others, caring society, caring nature of learning from Lei Feng volunteer action to carry out the national fitness, reading; square culture, folk dance, rich and colorful cultural activities of the masses…… Slowly launched in 2016 the province’s spiritual civilization construction of the beautiful picture scroll, greeted by a beautiful landscape of beautiful scenery.

just in the past year, our province fully implement the central and provincial a series of decisions on the construction of spiritual civilization deployment, focus on four major solid "requirements, highlighting the popularity of small to fine falls into the brain and heart; outstanding moral nourishment, marked the great beauty of Qinghai spirit coordinate; prominent geographical features spiritual civilization has made new development, to compose Chinese dream Qinghai chapter brings together the powerful positive energy.

thought lead

let the socialist core values in the land of Qinghai air plant

"rich and powerful, democratic, civilized, harmonious, freedom, equality, justice, rule of law, patriotism, dedication, integrity, friendliness, we sing the socialist core values, we do the most beautiful people in the new era……" In the early autumn of 2016, the "provincial civilized unit" of Xining Xingzhi Primary school classroom, a song of "twenty-four songs" into the melody notes from the mouth of the children sing slowly, the children in the enjoyment of art at the same time, the socialist core values by heart.

"we must learn from the advanced character, the spirit of learning into practice, starting from the side, from you and me, from scratch, a habit, form a good social atmosphere, with practical action to practice the main social;

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