Adjust the structure of the market to promote the expansion of China’s foreign trade exports continu

2011 years 1-6 months, Xining total import and export value of $440 million, an increase of $120 million, an increase of 38.58%, accounting for the province’s total import and export value of 88.8%. Among them: exports $312 million, an increase of $138 million, an increase of $128 million, imports $79.5%, down $18 million 450 thousand, a decrease of.

this year, our city for the appreciation of the RMB exchange rate, increasing pressure on raw materials and labor cost pressures, the international market demand is still sluggish and other unfavorable factors, actively adjust the structure, expand the market, promote the development of foreign trade, to maintain a high growth momentum.

city’s foreign trade import and export operation showed the following main features:

, exports continued to maintain high growth. the first half of the city’s import and export value of over $50 million per month, growth remained above 50%, including: June import and export value of $106 million, for the first time in a single month break through the import and export of $100 million, for the first time in history, the highest calendar year.

two, the leading role of traditional export industry is still. ferrosilicon export growth is still the main growth point of the city’s exports, the first half of ferrosilicon exports $89 million 160 thousand, an increase of 35.8%, pulling the city’s export growth significantly. By speeding up the adjustment of industrial structure, local product export potential gradually, including: textile yarn and clothing accessories export $47 million 370 thousand, an increase of 53.5%; the carpet exports $39 million 670 thousand, an increase of 206.6%; cashmere exports $9 million 830 thousand, an increase of 414.6%; national clothing exports $6 million 70 thousand, an increase of 61%. Silicon carbide exports $4 million 580 thousand, an increase of 91.7%; metal silicon exports $2 million 870 thousand, an increase of 45.7%.

imports, alumina imports 185 thousand tons, the value of $79 million 480 thousand, an increase of 6.9%, accounting for the city’s total imports of $60%.

three, the quality and level of foreign trade import and export has increased, highlighting the role of key enterprises. import and export performance in the first half of the 65 companies. Exports of over ten million U.S. dollars, 7, to achieve export $188 million 200 thousand, accounting for the city’s total export value of 60.3%. Where: Qinghai Wutong (Group) Co. Ltd. $56 million 570 thousand exports, Xining metals and Minerals Import and export (Group) Co., Ltd., Qinghai exported $42 million 70 thousand Tibetan sheep carpets (Group) Co. Ltd. $32 million 250 thousand exports, Qinghai Huadian ferroalloy Limited by Share Ltd exported $16 million 260 thousand, Xining extension when Trading Co. Ltd., Qinghai Boyu textile exports $11 million 250 thousand import and export limited company $18 million 890 thousand exports, Qinghai yeah-zone import and export trade companies export $10 million 910 thousand. Tens of millions of dollars of imports of enterprises 3;

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