How should the beverage industry business difficulties

people in the operation of the beverage industry, will certainly encounter some bottlenecks in the face of the crisis in the wine industry, businesses should be how to deal with? What are the countermeasures we should learn from? This article is to explore the problem.

A, the crisis is the operating conditions rather than an excuse. When the crisis becomes a business environment, the crisis is already operating conditions rather than constraints. Enterprises should take the crisis as an excuse to get rid of habits. When the crisis becomes the basic conditions, the crisis is the environment, and for the environment, we can only face.

two, the crisis is not all bad. For example, when the market environment is very good, the enterprise’s own requirements are generally relaxed, people will be very impetuous. And when the crisis comes, people began to be willing to seriously explore the solution to market risk, thinking about the return of customer value. Return to the consumer in the liquor industry as a voice for a long time, but as a consensus, and into action, and thus rooted in the industrial values, it is a recent thing. Therefore, in my opinion, this point for this round of crisis in the liquor industry is particularly valuable, and will long fukuzawa.

three, "crisis growth is not a myth" and "crisis of faith is the power source of growth". Whether economic history or industry history, there have been too many enterprises with the actual results prove this point, if the growth is stimulated by the heart, it is no longer affected by the crisis, not subject to the constraints of the environment, so as to stimulate the growth of wine leader faith, and reached consensus on Growth and members. Maybe you can become inevitable.


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