Xining Dyeing ndustry Association

, composed of washing and dyeing enterprises in Xining dyeing industry association was formally established, the first batch of members reached more than and 20.

according to statistics, currently in the provincial capital to open the laundry, washing plant, washing room and related enterprises have more than and 400. Previously, due to washing and dyeing industry without a unified and coordinated management agencies, resulting in disorderly market competition, enterprise service standards, uneven in quality, management is not standardized, even the existence of disorderly competition, vicious competition, not only affect the healthy development of the industry, but also harm the interests of consumers to a certain extent.

The president of

Xining dyeing industry association Ma Guozhong told reporters, after the founding of the association will work with relevant departments to formulate local standards of quality standards, washing and dyeing industry service standards, provide a platform for exchange of experiences for washing and dyeing enterprises to standardize the market, improve the overall quality of the industry. (author: Wang Fulian)

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