The police express Murder 18 years ago this cracked two suspects were arrested

Qinghai News Network on March 4, 2008, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau East Branch cracked a murder case, and jointly cracked 18 years ago occurred in a murder case in Gansu Province, the arrest of the two suspects.

October 15, 1990, Kangle County, Gansu province Maruto Village deer Xiang Dong Gou Village murder occurred, the suspect and his son missing ma. March 2, 2008 at 18 am, Xining City East Road, west of the high-speed road culvert west of the north gate of the Department of intentional homicide occurred at 30 meters. City of Xining City Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade police rushed to the scene the first time, the investigation quickly, and in March 4th 12 pm, a village in Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County of Xining City, the suspect Zhang captured successfully.

after the investigation, police found Zhang’s name identity and origin are false. During the trial, Zhang refused to explain the true identity. Xining police after further investigation, the final confirmation of the Internet than the suspect Zhang and his father is 18 years ago in Gansu province Kangle County Ming Lu Xiang Dong Gou men Cun murder suspects. (author: he arrow)


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