Xining this year to enhance the quality of property services

to meet the needs of social development and the masses, Xining city housing security and Housing Authority will be identified as the year to enhance the quality of property services. Reporters learned yesterday, the city real estate bureau will start from various aspects, to promote the transformation and upgrading of the city’s property services.


property service quality year" activities, the provincial capital will carry out property projects standardized service assessment work, to ensure that by the end of 2016 200 property projects to achieve standardized service standards; at the same time the implementation of the "Xining property service level and charges", first in Xining city within the scope of 20 property projects to carry out the pilot work. Guide the realty service enterprises to provide consistent quality price service, improve the satisfaction of the masses.

also enabled "management and credit evaluation of Xining city property service enterprise", relying on the platform of Xining city property management information system, the establishment of credit archives property services company, will be linked to the qualification management of project construction and enterprise credit system, appraised enterprise, establishment of market access and clear mechanism, and strive to build the environment of orderly competition and survival of the fittest the development of the industry; building up the information feedback mechanism, public sector management departments at all levels telephone service, open service platform management system network, the problem of the masses to further broaden the channels, and when informed of Xining city property service and deal with the problems in the process of.

will also rely on the urban shantytowns project, the implementation of the 40 old residential district comprehensive improvement, combined with the actual area, strengthen the management of old residential areas through the introduction of professional service organizations, community management and the owners of autonomy, so the district security guard, environmental cleaning, facility maintenance".

through a series of work, Xining city will enhance the ability to do residential property services companies, no dust, no dirt, no dust, no dead garbage; the visitors are asked, registration, guide path, ensure area monitoring equipment intact; actively create a garden style residential area, lawn and trees timely pruning, neat and beautiful; perfect the management system of parking lot, parking spaces were crossed, and guide the orderly passage of vehicles, parking, parking lot monitoring equipment intact, prohibit the use of fire channel.


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