Small urban construction to the Eastern District of 365 thousand and 200 people of all nationalities

the past two years, Chengdong district at financial district urban construction projects increase, in the smooth, landscaping, greening, lighting, convenience and other aspects under the foot work, not only to the East has undergone changes in turn the world upside down for the eastern city, become a charming, dynamic city, city area, livable city should travel, more personal experience the 365 thousand and 200 people of all nationalities to the life of the city, the city of happiness taste, happiness significantly enhanced.

all roads lead to happiness: in 2011, the completion of the Danxia Road, Ma Xiang, Beiguan cable street, East Main Street, road construction and street landscape renovation project, the transformation of the 6 road pavement pavement, improve the road network and urban infrastructure, convenient for people to travel; since the beginning of 2012, renovation or install guardrail on the road, 71 Road, 6 road pavement; the 1300 stone car resistance isolation pier set in the area of the main road.

‘s dress big east — this year, 6 million 270 thousand yuan investment in the eastern cultural landscape project, completed 71 copper plastic Lei Feng cultural landscape wall and the cultural corridor project; 71 road and cross road of the northeast corner of the "flag song" sculpture body installed; Lu Hui Tong 71 large LED display base has been completed in front of the hotel wells; summer street landscape project of the main project has been completed, ongoing post decoration etc..

lighting for the eastern Ambilight, 2011, investment of 12 million yuan to the city gate mosque, Fu Qiang Xiang primary school, Haiyuan Hotel 9 floor for the lighting and landscaping, add a new night beautiful appearance; this year, on the 71 Road (Garden Street to the road) road, 1600 meters long, 5-10 meters wide on both sides of the landscape renovation of sidewalks, xiadou Street (South Street to the North Garden Section) about 380 meters long, 5-12 meters wide on the north side of the sidewalk landscape renovation etc..

green landscaping for the eastern more livable, last year, 8 million 200 thousand yuan investment in the new transformation of Green Street 22, the new green area of 25 thousand square meters, 6814 meters to install green fence, planting trees and flowering shrubs and 740 strains of 120 thousand strains (pier), accelerate the construction of the theme park, 5 million yuan investment in the park renovation project fully completed Huang le…… This year, the district greening, landscaping work to a new level.

city management efficient heart Chang – last year, invested 1 million 850 thousand yuan in five, Ledu Road, North Bridge Lane 5 public toilets and some municipal roads were damaged collapse maintenance; insist on construction management, strengthen city management, reflect the people’s efforts to solve the strong Luantingluanfang, throwing litter, graffiti affect the appearance of the city and other outstanding issues. This year, the transformation of the 71 passers-by line Telecom peripheral empty frame lines and the addition of two channels of communication expansion plastic pipelines. (author: boat)



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