Xining WeChat advocate civilized Tourism

"Eleven" golden week, Xining people out of their homes, an invigorating autumn climate, feel beautiful autumn, when people play at the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau official WeChat public, is greeted by a push advocate civilized tourism.

"2015 travel service warning: vigilance forms of cheap tours", "civilized tourism, make a change to create unlimited good to hear or see, may move China bag — you can do", "civilization and tourism with Qinghai tourism volunteers in action" "civilized garden" good sharing. The content in the form of illustrations, to remind people not to cross the road, do not trample on the lawn, no graffiti, no spitting, do not climb civilization ruins, the zoo don’t feed the animal, not smoking, and to establish a civilized image, environmental protection and hygiene etc. the travel behavior of tourists, hoping to control themselves, learn a lesson. Also attached to the "Convention on the domestic tourism civilized behavior of Chinese citizens," "Chinese citizens abroad (border) guide to the behavior of tourism civilization," tell you "civilized tourism, from me".

"is very interesting, also very new." Xining citizens Ms. Wang introduced, she took her family to go to the people’s Park during the festival. Due to more tourists, waiting in line, 5 and a half years old son impatient. So she pulled out these push, pointing to the screen to teach his son to read together, the child was inspired, but also enthusiastic command before and after the team arranged neatly, so Ms. Wang very pleased. It is understood that the Xining Tourism Bureau for the golden week thematic planning, timely delivery of civilization tourism policies, activities and other information. At the same time, in the new media such as WeChat to carry out the civilized travel bag moving China and other activities, to attract the majority of Internet users to participate in the tourism period, take away the garbage, pay tribute". The same day, Ms. Wang ready to carry the garbage bags: "their trash away, a little thing, to change the environment, see Xining Jingmei environment is good, I really enjoy."  

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