The six measures to promote the Datong military enterprises build a model village to achieve new res

this year, Datong County "government enterprises build a model village" as the county Party committee and government from the central task, strengthen organizational leadership, improve the assessment mechanism, reasonable planning, creating an atmosphere of public opinion, speed up the progress of the project, a joint effort in 6 aspects to take effective measures to ensure the effectiveness of Party building demonstration village activity.

strengthen leadership, sound organization . To ensure that the county’s "military enterprises build a model village" activities implemented smoothly, established by the Deputy Secretary of the county Party committee, county magistrate for the head of the county "birth before the Han military enterprises build a model village" activities leading group, formulated and issued the "Datong" military enterprises build a model village campaign plan ". 13 to build the township has also set up the township party committee and government leaders responsible leadership team; 46 model villages have also set up a corresponding leading group composed of village cadres and Party members, representatives of the masses, strictly defined the county, township and village three government work tasks and responsibilities, to ensure that personnel, measures, work three in place.

sound system, strengthen the assessment. established a "military enterprises build a model village campaign work supervision system, liaison system, joint conference system, an important work leading contact point system, reporting system, inverted working system 6 work system. In order to ensure the safe use of funds management, project acceptance work, establishing and perfecting the system of system, accountability system, management system, village system, daily schedule project acceptance approach to the use of funds management, ensure the construction activities carried out orderly.

reasonable planning, highlighting the characteristics. according to the actual situation of the demonstration village, preparation of Datong County Commission unit mapping units and planning of village topographic mapping and village planning, the county’s 46 demonstration village planning has been completed. At the same time according to the actual village, combined with industrial development, national characteristics and cultural traditions, geographical advantages and other characteristics, 46 demonstration village to promote the quality model village, three types of key villages and village levels, and the implementation of 25 village greening and replanting planting, planting various types of flowers and plants of 280 thousand strains, green area of 480 thousand square meters, to ensure the county government enterprises build a model village in strict accordance with the orderly planning activities.

wide publicity, create atmosphere. in a timely manner through a network of two sets of the two journals (county government website, county television, party information platform, chase publicity, event messages) to the county to build a campaign to publicize the situation. Until now, news broadcast more than 120 manuscripts, 230 hanging banners, mobile phone text messages to send more than 1, note 32, office blackboard newspaper 260, held a mass 276 times. And invested 500 thousand yuan, along the main sections of the road along the Nanjing Road placed a large permanent billboards of the village, the village of the model for the production of the village of the middle of the 2 of the 32 permanent billboards.

speed up progress to ensure effectiveness. ;

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