Seminar on the key technical problems of lithium industry development in Qinghai

6 25, 2009, China’s green catalyst expert He Mingyuan, a member of the research team to investigate the development of lithium industry, and to attend the seminar on the development of key technologies in Qinghai lithium industry. Vice governor Wang Liming presided over the seminar and speech.

will be on the line, the academician listened to our province lithium industry development planning, technology status, the park layout and the upstream and downstream business development, and around the Research Institute of Industrial Development (Center), set up tons of lithium lithium extraction technology industrial test line design and construction methods, foster leading enterprises is proposed advice.

Wang Liming experts on China’s green catalyst expert team to welcome the green line. He said, provides the conditions richly endowed by nature resources are rich in Qinghai for lithium lithium industry development. In recent years, the provincial government to speed up the development of lithium industry as an important starting point to promote the industrial structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading, introduced the "Qinghai Province billion yuan lithium industry development plan", will be one of the lithium industry column billion dollar industry build for the province’s key. At present, Qinghai lithium industry has formed the integration of upstream and downstream, but some key techniques remain to be developed, the need to further improve the level of technological innovation, hope Chinese green catalysis experts think tank through strategic research and consulting guidance, give more attention and support.

academician experts said, Qinghai has a wealth of energy resources, fully qualified to achieve the goal of one hundred billion yuan lithium industry. Chinese green catalysis experts think tank will strengthen cooperation with Qinghai in basic research, industry forward-looking technology research, major scientific and technological achievements and other aspects of the industry, providing guidance and intellectual support, technical support and policy advice, continue to support the Qinghai lithium industry development.

green, Chinese green catalysis experts think tank academicians row inspected the Qinghai green new energy and Qinghai Taifeng pulead lithium production enterprises.


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