Xining people to vote for the province’s moral model candidate

"I’m going to vote for Russia, Tao Ende, and Shao Xiujing, how to vote." I want my family to vote. The ten candidates are all proud of us"…… In July 16th, the newspaper published the "10 people in our province has become the national moral models candidate" one man, caused widespread concern of the public, many people were deeply touched by the ten candidates deeds, or call the advisory vote, or directly to the Internet voting.

from July 16th to August 16th, the fourth national moral model selection recognition activities into the voting stage, a lot of people picked up the mouse for our province to participate in the national moral model of the ten candidates to vote. In July 18th, members of the public while Mr. Lin carefully check the Chinese civilization online national moral models list of candidates, said: "I look carefully, the courageous, honest and trustworthy, professional dedication, filial love the old pro four moral model, I have the candidate, very rare, I admire them." Public Liu urged her daughter to help him in the Internet investment in Junhu and Ge ticket, he said: "Ge Jun’s story touched me, a person running at an altitude of 4600 meters on the road, we can’t imagine him in the 470 km one-way post road lonely and dangerous, but I can feel a mail the hands of the joy of the recipient. Such as the army of the silent dedication worthy of respect."

Zhao Ting, Russia see, Shao Xiujing, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, such as…… Clicking the mouse, positive energy transfer in emotional and exciting city folk. (author: Wei Jinyu Zhang Yun)

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