Xining Association for science and technology held a 50 Anniversary Symposium

September 16th, the 50 anniversary of the founding of the association held a forum. Our scientists and representatives at all levels, and responsible person, society representatives gathered to jointly review the development history of science was founded in 50 years, summarized the successful experience for the prospect of job prospects for.

at present, the city of science and Technology Association has 23 municipal associations, associations, research, throughout the city of science, engineering, agriculture, medicine and cross integration of various disciplines, with 7 districts and counties and other grassroots organizations. Municipal Association was founded 50 years ago, the organization system has been improved, continuously enhance the cohesion; work orientation and work ideas more clearly, increase vitality; service capacity is increasing, the increasing influence of the cadres and workers; diligent in thinking and practice, dare to go beyond, unremitting exploration, selfless dedication, unity and cooperation, creative work, work new progress was made; from the practice of creation, development and prosperity have accumulated much valuable experience.

the day of the meeting request, and organizations at all levels should be more active to unite and lead the science and technology workers, ningxinjuli, do solid work, to build a more prosperous, more beautiful, more livable city center area of Qinghai Tibet Plateau modernization and strive to be more active; for science and technology workers, give full play to science in discovering and training, recommendation, recognition and important role of science and technology talent pool in the service of science and technology workers continuously explore ways and channels to broaden the scope of services and the field of science and technology workers, improve service ability and level of science and technology workers.


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