Suqian city leaders to inspect the work of Xining

In August 22nd, the Suqian Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Tianqi, vice mayor Feng Yan, Suqian Municipal Development and Reform Commission Director Wang Min and Jiangsu the Yanghe River distillery Co. Ltd., Jiangsu Jingke group, radiant energy science and technology limited company responsible for the members of the delegation to visit Xining city work. Xining Municipal Committee, vice mayor Xu Guocheng and the City Commission by letter, the planning and Construction Bureau and other departments to accompany inspection.

the delegation has arrived at the Nanchuan Industrial Park in Qinghai new era Amperex Technology Limited, enterprise new energy lithium industry is analyzed. In exchange, Suqian city delegation is very optimistic about the development and utilization of lithium battery energy in our province, asking the government to the enterprise investment and policy subsidies, praising Qinghai lithium energy outlook. Subsequently, the delegation visited the Qinghai lithium industry exhibition hall, during the development of the future direction of the development of lithium in Hunan Province, the Saline Lake, the results of innovative technology and detailed inquiry. The delegation also went to Qinghai Taifeng pulead lithium technology limited company to carry on the visit.

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