School choice students, foreign workers to increase the pressure of some primary school enrollment i

With the approaching of school time, some primary schools in Xining have begun to apply. August 27th, the reporter learned from some of the primary school in Xining City, due to parents’ school choice, the children of migrant workers enrollment, school location and other reasons, resulting in some school freshmen enrollment pressure.

at 14 on August 27th, the reporter in Xining City West Hing Road Primary School to see the door, there are half an hour from the beginning of the registration, the campus has lined up a long queue of two. The same scene is also staged in the West District, the Yellow River, Taiwan and Taiwan Road Primary School, in line with the registration of the crowd, there are many parents in the area of the floating population.

it is understood that the enrollment of primary and secondary schools in various districts and counties of Xining has started since August 18th. For the period, in the face of school choice, school children of migrant workers and some school location and other reasons, the school enrollment in the face of pressure is not the same. In the interview, the reporter learned that part of primary school in Xining City, the number of classes, classes, classroom number restrictions, especially the restrictions on the first grade freshmen enrollment number, so that part of the school enrollment increased pressure.

"this year to recruit students, the migrant population, accounted for nearly 70% of the number of school enrollment, in general, the number of students in the school district, the number of children of floating population, according to this situation, our school has three classes in the first grade." Kang Yali, director of the office of the dean of education.

West District Tiger Taiwan primary school vice president Mao Dongsheng said: "this year, the state county and other provinces and cities to Xining business people increased in the house near the tiger Taiwan population, leading to the tiger Taiwan primary school choice students too much pressure significantly increased enrollment of school choice." West district the Yellow River road primary school vice principal teacher said, because the new teaching building is not put into use, the first grade students still continue to use part of the classroom teaching of primary school Xing Hai Lu Division, in the admissions process, the same as the migrant as too many students, enrollment pressure increases, and this year the first grade only three classes according to the higher requirements, class size limit, so the new registration is still tight, great pressure. (author: Chen Junfan)


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