Spring travel five service guide

The footsteps of the Spring Festival is approaching, the hearts of people returning home is also increasingly urgent, during the Spring Festival, the opportunity to pay attention to what the problem? How can I get a ticket home? Reporters from Qinghai Airport Inc to sort out the 5 passenger travel service guide.

– 1 hours ahead of check-in: 30 minutes during the Spring Festival, Xining airport check-in counters and full security channel in the peak hours of flights, as far as possible to reduce the majority of passengers queuing phenomenon. Remind passengers to 30 hours in advance to register for 1 minutes. The airport will carry out the "guided warm bee"; the encryption time reminder service frequency, since the flight section carrying 10 minutes before the start, every two minutes flight time to remind the broadcast service, and for late passengers tag help late passengers quickly through the security check. That no baggage passengers or online check-in formalities in the terminal self-service check-in counter.

– baby to also want to buy a ticket: according to the uniform provisions of the civil aviation authority, over the age of 2 but under 12 years of age for children to buy tickets for children according to the applicable adult fare 50% seat. Children under the age of 2 years of age by the applicable adult fare of 10% to buy baby tickets, but do not provide seats. If you need to occupy seats alone, you should buy children’s tickets. Passengers carrying more than one baby, more than the number of children’s votes should be purchased. When the opportunity for the baby, parents should bring a good birth certificate, residence booklet and other valid documents.

– can call this query: met the flight is not normal, can call the 8188114 Xining airport inquiry telephone, understand the flight dynamics.

– the airport will also provide these services: Security in the quarantine area set up at the entrance of the sun salon security services, the security channel will need to deal with some common problems and forward explanation to the inspection area by the person responsible for the processing, improve the passenger clearance rate, while increasing the security channel, adding double package post, shorten the the passenger waiting time. The parking areas, taking into account the long-term parking the vehicle will appear overnight battery failure, tire pressure is insufficient and the actual situation, the introduction of parking lot charging, charging equipment, the purchase of Jack, wrenches and other tools tires, making reminder, set 24 hours service hotline.  

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