Xining trade and ndustry Bureau to carry out fake check, shoddy, end dens special rectification act

since April, the Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce in the city focused on the development of a period of three months, check fake, shoddy, end dens special action, achieved a phased results. Key
the system in the special rectification, is a strict market access barrier. To strengthen food operator qualification examination at the same time, increase the campus surrounding shops, shopping malls and other places of business registration approval, supervision and inspection, banning unlicensed, and strive to do business is not illegal to enter the market. Two is to strengthen routine inspections. To increase the supervision and inspection of food business operators, trademarks, packaging and decorating infringement as the focus of investigation, especially around the campus summer beverage and food establishments to inventory, itemized specification, timely elimination of food safety problems; three is a major plus investigating efforts. Found in the inspection of trademark infringement, counterfeiting and selling food substandard food by the conduct and the campus surrounding the illegal sale of fake and shoddy food and stationery business behavior is investigated according to law, to ensure the healthy growth of young people from harm. Four is to strengthen publicity. Report the inspection of law enforcement work, in accordance with the work requirements, the whole system attaches great importance to the news report, in the past 2 months, altogether has all kinds of information, such as 71 news reports. Through information, news reports in a timely manner publicity, law enforcement work.

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