Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee on the implementation of the People’s Republ


according to the general office of the NPC Standing Committee commissioned the inspection "on the water pollution prevention law implementation of the notice" spirit "and the Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress supervision plan in 2015", the provincial people’s Congress will be held in late May to early June on the implementation of water pollution prevention and control law enforcement inspection. Through the inspection, further urge governments at all levels to increase water pollution control efforts, promote the implementation of the "water pollution prevention action plan", contribute to the improvement of water environment quality, protect the health of the people.

the focus of law enforcement inspection: first, the protection of drinking water sources, the total amount of water pollutant emissions control, the implementation of the legal system of pollution permits. Two is an important river water pollution prevention and control, key industries, industrial parks, water pollution control, urban sewage treatment facilities and operation, livestock pollution control and agricultural non-point source pollution control. Three is the government at the same level in accordance with the law to promote water pollution prevention and control law enforcement, the implementation of the relevant provisions of environmental protection law on water pollution and other aspects of the measures and the main problems. Four is to seek the views of all parties to amend and improve the water pollution prevention law.

in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "supervision law", to listen to opinions from all sides, so that all sectors of society, people’s Congress and the broad masses of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee to carry out supervision, improve the supervision of transparency, protect the people’s right to know, enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of law enforcement, law enforcement inspection group office set up in the province’s environment and Resources Protection Committee, welcome to the community, NPC deputies and the masses by telephone, mail, e-mail, fax, reflect the views of governments at all levels and the relevant departments and units to implement the "water pollution prevention law, existing problems and improvement measures are proposed.

hereby announce.

contact unit: Office of Environmental Protection Committee of Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress

address: No. 16 Wuyi Road, Xining,

Tel: 0971-8457033 (fax), 8454828

e-mail: [email protected]


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