Xining Federation of trade unions held the 60 anniversary of the liberation of Qinghai model workers

September 8th, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions and the establishment of Qinghai new China held to celebrate the 60 anniversary of the liberation of Xining model forum, 60 to make contributions to the economic and social development of Xining model workers and advanced workers on behalf of the words Xining better tomorrow have a joyous gathering.

forum, the national model worker Liu Wanqing, the national model judge Niu Xiaolin, the provincial model worker Xu Fengru, the provincial labor model workers on behalf of the model workers made a passionate speech to the people of the country, said the people’s Republic of China, the Chinese people’s Republic of China on behalf of the model workers, the provincial labor model of the people’s Republic of China on behalf of the model workers made a passionate speech. However, the consensus is the outstanding representative of the working people of the labor model, is the backbone of the times, the spirit of model workers are the precious wealth of the whole society, is a powerful driving force for encouraging and leading the masses to join the new Xining construction. Facing the new situation and tasks, to remain modest and prudent, model workers free from arrogance and impetuosity style, cherish the honor, carry on achievement, solid work, in order to model their own behavior, excellent style influence and promote the broad masses of people to join the building of new Xining.

, Xining City, the labor model also issued a proposal to the staff: the combination of Xining city is the full implementation of the public projects to enhance the quality, quickly set off a "all learning, all civilized" boom, for the construction of Xining to become more prosperous and more beautiful, the Qinghai Tibet Plateau regional modern city more livable the contribution of our strength.


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