Mayor Wang Yubo, vice mayor of the statistical work on the fully affirmed and put forward specific r

  in May 15th, the municipal government held a working meeting, mayor Wang Yubo, vice mayor Xu Guocheng to listen to the work report the Municipal Bureau of statistics Shen sonorous, respectively for the statistical work fully affirmed, and put forward specific requirements. Mayor Wang Yubo believes that the statistical department is an important economic management department, the macro economic management and social development to do a pre analysis of the forecast and after the monitoring, supervision, is responsible for the important functions of economic management. Mayor Wang talked about the statistical work of three feelings, first, the statistical work is very standardized, orderly, providing data in a timely, accurate and effective, played a barometer of economic and social role. Two is a strong sense of service, work in place, and actively carry out the work through the service reflects the functions of economic management. Three is the team construction measures, results, statistics team is a politics, stressing the overall situation awareness of the team, statistical personnel to fulfill their duties, work conscientiously, show good spirit. For the next step, Mayor Wang put forward four requirements, first, according to the rule of law as a prerequisite for statistical work. Statistical methods, content, system, according to the law in accordance with the regulations, not only the statistical department should be in accordance with the law, the whole society and departments should also support the statistics department according to law. Continue to strengthen the publicity and education of statistical work, so that the community understand, so that social support. Second, scientific statistics as the basis of statistical work. Statistical work is reflected in the ability to build. First, we must grasp the problem of good people, continue to do a good job in the construction of the team, including ideological education, style building, business capabilities, etc., to the government employees in the way to solve the problem of weak grassroots statistical power. Two to do a good job of information technology, improve the level of information technology, information technology to promote the use of statistical work more accurate and convenient. Three to grasp the system construction, and further strengthen the statistical management. Third, committed to serving as the purpose of statistical work. The function of management is reflected in the service, the service is more in place, the function of management is better. Statistics departments play a role in the infinite space, need to use their brains, closely around the center of work, as a service entry point, do a good job of statistical analysis, so that statistical data live together, with data speak. Comrade Chen Yun put forward the method of "repeated exchange" is worthy of our study and reference, the statistical monitoring, supervision play a good role, more conscious and effective work. Fourth, fine innovation as the requirements of statistical work. Through the fine work to ensure that the data is true and accurate, it is necessary to constantly innovate the statistical work, to meet the requirements of the municipal government, to meet the needs of society, to adapt to the development trend.

Xu Guocheng, vice mayor of the Municipal Bureau of statistics pointed out that the focus on the city’s economic and social development, to carry out a lot of investigation and monitoring work, organization and implementation of the census, for the city’s economic and social development, to provide a solid foundation for the municipal government decision-making, in future work, to strengthen the construction of grass-roots network system. Two to strengthen communication and coordination with the Provincial Bureau of statistics and the investigation team, the work continues to walk in the forefront of the province. Three to strengthen the use of statistical data. It is necessary to carry out the research with the relevant departments and put forward constructive suggestions. Four systems;

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