A comprehensive analysis of the case of the urban management hotline in May

5 months, the city’s urban management hotline received a total of 180 cases, the admissibility of cases in the investigation is not true from the beginning of the 10, turn to do from the beginning of the consultation and advice from the beginning of 5, effective problems from the beginning of the year, the admissibility of the rate of 100%, the rate of completion of 100% of the rate of 154. Compared with the previous period, the overall improvement of urban environmental sanitation, but compared with the same period last year, there is still a certain gap, the number of issues equivalent to 170% of the same period last year.

5 in the city’s urban management hotline accepted problems mainly in the following two aspects: one is the City Jeeves, mobile vendors problem is still more prominent than last month, up 19%, accounting for 40% of the monthly total amount accepted. At the same time, with the street fence set up and expand the scope of pedestrian Lane stall appear to reduce, overpass, the new trend of pedestrian passage on the influence of the masses of individual traffic; City area primary school during the school gate stall phenomenon still exists. two is construction (decoration) construction is not standardized, the main construction is not blocked, muck, gravel transport vehicles and furniture transport foam packaging pollution problem is relatively prominent.

for the above situation, the City Council asked the city’s urban management departments to do the following work. is a of the Bureau of the relevant offices to further strengthen the 8 hours inspection supervision, supervision to eliminate blind spots. two is District 14 hours to strictly implement the inspection system and the regional city management responsibility system, strengthen the key sections of the inspection efforts focus on squatting, after 6 p.m. and holidays inspection of law enforcement, the implementation of "strict penalties". three is combined with the ongoing construction waste material transport vehicle special rectification action, strict implementation of the Municipal Management Committee on the strengthening of the construction waste and material transport vehicle management notice spirit and requirements, closely with the police, the construction and real estate departments, strengthen law enforcement supervision, to further reduce the road pollution risks. four do not refuse landing project, for the middle of the road isolation sections, to adjust the collection service timely, ensure the sanitation service quality.


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