Managing the implementation of the new train diagram to open Xining to Dongguan Hefei train

At 0:00 on January 10th, the Qinghai Tibet railway company to implement a new train diagram, open speed passenger trains 1 pairs, 5 pairs of EMU trains to open. After the adjustment of the operating diagram, the total number of passenger trains to reach 52.5 pairs of Qinghai Tibet railway company, of which EMU trains on the 24.5.

to open Xining to Dongguan East Train

to open in Zhengzhou – Xining K177/8 passenger train, Xining – Xi’an K1009/10 passenger train operation section extended to Dongguan East, trips to adjust for K1310/11 times, K1312/09 times, through extending section Ningxi, the Beijing Kowloon line operation, which is the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company for the first time in the opening line from Xining to Dongguan direction of passenger train, will effectively ease to Xining Henan Zhengzhou, Xining Guangdong to the direction of Dongguan passenger transport capacity tension, more convenient for people to travel along.From January 10th

to open Xining to Hefei trainFrom January 9th

plans to add 5 pairs of EMU

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