For the convenience of travel 4 bus lines extension

this year, the Xining city bus company in the provincial government’s strong support for the operation of all public transport vehicles were updated. For the purchase of new bus body than the original body grow more than 1 meters, the original parking lot does not meet vehicles parked at the same time, in order to solve the Nanshan Road East extension residents travel difficult problem, the city bus company in Nanshan Road East extension of another parking lot, solve the difficult problem of public transportation vehicle parking also, for the residents along the travel convenience.

with the change of parking, recently, the city bus company three the company has 17 Road, 23 road, 24 Road, 21 Road, four bus lines extending to Nanshan Road East extension Zhonghui · Zijin city. 17 Road, 23 road, 24 primary end point routing police academy east Nanshan Road extended to Zhonghui · Zijin City, and in the large garden road at the mouth of the establishment of the bus station, one-way mileage extend about 1 kilometers. Considering the operation of the line 21 bus from the Republic Road, Dongguan Street, the public street, Bayi Road, Delingha Road, Luo Road, Huang Zhong Lu and 15 bus bus are exactly the same, in order to save resources, reduce road congestion in Kangle village, the city bus company decided to bus 21 from eighteen in the run to Delingha road. Via Delingha Road south by east district government to Zhonghui · Zijin City, cancel the original Golog Road, Huang Zhong Lu run unchanged after adjustment for one-way mileage. (author: Xiaofeng)

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