The province will promote the combination of medicine and support from eight aspects

5 month 3 days, reporters from the Qinghai provincial health and Family Planning Commission learned that the day before, the provincial health and Family Planning Commission, the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of finance, human resources and social security department, the Provincial Department of land resources, housing and urban construction department, the provincial office on aging, in Tibet the Medicine Management Bureau and other units and departments jointly issued "on the implementation of opinions" to promote the health and pension services combined, clear the future of our province will promote eight aspects of medical support combined with work, realize the old people in our province is "medical care", and "a sense of security".

it is reported that these eight aspects, one is to promote the medical and health institutions and pension institutions, pension through the construction of Medical Association in a variety of ways, make full use of medical care, rehabilitation, nursing and nursing resources, provide disease treatment for the elderly, rehabilitation care, life care and hospice care integrated health and pension services. Two pension institutions can be based on the needs of services and their ability to set up geriatric hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, nursing homes, traditional Chinese medicine hospital, hospice care institutions, etc.. The three is a combination of public health services, promote the basic medical and health institutions and community care, home care for the elderly family a service contract, to provide continuity of health management and medical services for the elderly, and will meet the health insurance policy of medical expenses included in the basic medical insurance payment. Four is through the market operation mode, organized by the combination of medical institutions and rehabilitation of the elderly, the elderly care and other professional medical institutions, social capital to do medical care and pension services to carry out preferential support policies. Five is to promote the integration of health care services and pension services development, focusing on strengthening the elderly hospital, rehabilitation hospital, nursing home, hospice care institutions. Six is to integrate all kinds of resources for the economic difficulties of the disabled elderly with rehabilitation assistance devices, providing assistance for the transformation of the barrier free facilities. The seven is to carry out rehabilitation services in Tibetan medicine hospitals encourage, support the basic medical and health institutions carried out in Tibetan medicine health care services, encourage social forces to set up nursing homes, in Tibetan medicine health care for the characteristics of nursing homes and other medical support combined mechanism. Eight is to establish a multi-level long-term care security system, improve the health care policy.

"opinions" also provides for the establishment of working mechanism, strengthen the standardized layout and land protection, improve the investment and financing of tax and price policy, strengthen infrastructure and talent team construction, strengthen the information technology support and incentive policies to support the implementation of six safeguards.


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