Qinghai commodity Qingdao to catch a large collection of Qinghai brand can go further

Catch a big set of joy and sorrow

have been working in Golmud for more than twenty years the people of Qingdao single lady, came to the 2015 Qingdao Qinghai large set of goods on-site activities, specifically to buy a few bottles of a certain brand of highland barley wine.

left Qinghai for more than and 20 years, a single lady has 70s still on the highland barley wine mellow fresh. Just like a single lady said, Qingdao has a famous Laoshan beer, Qinghai also has a famous highland barley wine.

"brand is a tremendous force." In recent days, the people of Qingdao have a strong interest in the specialty of Qinghai, but we found that Qingdao people only have a strong desire for the purchase of Qinghai famous brand. The same is a specialty, has a well-known brand products are completely different attraction.

"in addition to large supermarkets can occasionally buy barley wine, generally difficult to buy in the residential area." Qingdao public Yang said he likes to drink highland barley wine, but it is difficult to buy local Qingdao.

is also the two representatives of liquor products, product sales in the terminal, but why is there such a big gap? It was said that the taste of highland barley wine is not suitable for foreigners, which is not the main reason to go out highland barley wine.

"Qingdao has many well-known brands, such as Haier home appliances have been out of the country. Qinghai’s products also have their own characteristics, in the process of going out of the province, why the cognitive rate;

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