The most unforgettable Christmas in Happy Valley

Kite ditch beautiful, magical snow Valley, a romantic date, the passion of the game will be staged in the Xining evening snow Happy Valley chase kite ditch Kangle hills ski! In December 25th, Kangle chase kite ditch ski hill, crossing the Linhai game, waiting for you and your buddies come through one of the most memorable christmas.

who in December 24th, 25 days, tourists to ditch Kangle hills ski chase kite, will get a mysterious gift. In addition, during the event, will also provide preferential terms for tourists: skiing tourists who participated in more than three, can enjoy twenty percent off discount; from "Linhai goddess" snow sculpture group tickets and free ski snow circle time. This activity for telephone registration also opened Xining to chase kite ditch Kangle hills ski free shuttle train, time is 24 days, the 25 day at 9:30 in the morning, at 5:30 in the afternoon, starting from Simon stadium of collective travel.  

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