Our city to promote the construction of water into the city

For the continuous improvement of the ecological environment of Xining, to enhance the comprehensive management of infrastructure service capacity in Huangshui River basin. In 2015, Xining City Huangshui Cci Capital Ltd to further implement the municipal government work on ecological protection and environmental remediation requirements, investment in fixed assets of 4 billion yuan, the implementation of special funds 230 million yuan, 1 billion 647 million yuan investment, financing 1 billion 190 million yuan, with large investment projects, and comprehensively promote the water into the city construction.

in addition, the stage of platform operation, actively implement the capital, promote the Small and micro businesses and Industrial Park construction. Through the comprehensive management of water environment, landscape greening construction, coastal water pollution control, pollution prevention, city proper development measures, the ecological environment has been further improved in Huangshui River basin. The Huangshui River (Xining section) "the overall goal of clear water, smooth, shore green and beautiful scene, the formation of a new pattern of ecological environment water, near the green, pleasant.

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