City leaders participate in military day activities

in order to further enhance the leading cadres of the city’s national defense readiness and quality, the afternoon of July 29th, mayor Wang Yubo arrived in Nanjing training base, to participate in military activities, take the lead in national defense education, take practical action to close military ties.

city leaders Li Jinqing, Ma Haiying, Yan Shujiang, Bi Xiaoning, Wang Haihong, Wang Shumin, commander of the Xining garrison political commissar Wang Kailin attended the activities.

participate in the military activities of the members of the city leaders have said that in Army Day approaching, and the officers and soldiers together collective military day is very meaningful, the military activities organized a military life experience, atmosphere, feel the force of national defense education, helps to keep around Li popular work style, to create high efficiency service team. At the same time, we also feel the heavy responsibility of supporting the building of national defense and the importance of national defense. The city’s party and government leaders at all levels should take the lead in strengthening the concept of national defense, enhance combat capability, and promote the construction of national defense reserve forces and economic and social development.

it is understood that to carry out military activities is a traditional event in our city to stimulate awareness and support leading cadres of national defense consciousness. In recent years, the city has held a number of military activities, effectively promoted the city’s Yongjunyouzhu work and the development of national defense education. (intern reporter Zhang Qian)


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