70 years of age or older can get old subsidies

August 21st, governor Luo Huining presided over the 104th executive meeting of the provincial government. Research to promote the province’s major industrial technology improvement projects.

the meeting pointed out that the implementation of major industrial projects of technological progress, is the macroeconomic situation in the complex situation, to better grasp the current plan with Mou Changyuan, the key to steady growth and adjust the structure, promoting reform and increase stamina, to deal with the macroeconomic cycle wave and downward pressure, especially to improve the quality of and the benefits of industrial development, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, has very important significance to accelerate the transformation of development mode. To adopt more effective policies and measures to promote the independent innovation, cultivate and develop new industries, upgrade the level of equipment and technology of traditional industries, improve the utilization efficiency of energy resources, and strive to build the special industry chain, the growth of market players and the advantages of industrial clusters, to provide strong support and scientific industry to speed up the construction of circular economy pilot area development.

meeting to further clarify the focus of the province’s major industrial technological progress: first, accelerate the development of emerging industries. Aimed at the world or domestic advanced level, as soon as possible to expand the scale of new energy, new materials, bio pharmaceutical and environmental protection industry, increase investment in the industry to seize the commanding heights and perfect supporting facilities, the formation of a new growth pole. Two is to enhance the traditional industry. We will encourage and support the traditional industries such as light industry, light industry, chemical industry and metallurgy, etc., adopt new technologies, new processes and new equipment, enhance their competitiveness, and vigorously promote lean manufacturing. Three is to strengthen energy conservation. To speed up the popularization and application of advanced energy-saving technologies, in particular, to improve the capacity of the high energy industry mature, applicable, the prevalence of cleaner production technology. Four is to promote independent innovation. Support the Saline Lake chemical industry, photovoltaic industry, equipment manufacturing and other areas to increase key technology breakthrough, cultivate independent intellectual property rights, accelerate the industrialization of advanced technology application, improve the scientific and technological progress contribution rate to economic growth.

meeting the requirements, to further expand the idea of the planning and implementation of major industrial projects of technological progress, and promote the development of circular economy and closely together, to accelerate the construction of circular economy basic industry chain; together with the investment combination, foster new industries and upgrade the development level, to promote the new electronics, new alloys, new chemical other sophisticated projects early fall, early construction, early production; close together with the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment with high starting point, high standard, improve the level of equipment and production conditions; close up and promote corporate mergers and acquisitions with promoting optimization of industrial structure, product structure and organization structure, to further promote the rational distribution of industry closely; with the deepening of enterprise reform, vigorously promote institutional innovation, strengthen the development of enterprises in the Driving force. At the same time, it is necessary to co-ordinate the promotion of scientific and technological innovation in the fields of agriculture, animal husbandry, modern service industry, ecological construction, and promote the development of inter industry integration.

meeting pointed out that the natural conditions of Qinghai hard, in September 2010, in the case of government financial resources are not well-off, the province began to pay more than 80 years of age for senior citizens, to promote the welfare of the elderly to moderate;

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