Hong Kong CPPCC members Wu Hanzhong donated funds for banma County

9 26, from Hongkong provincial CPPCC members, Provincial Overseas Friendship Association, director of the Hongkong river source group limited company general manager Wu Hanzhong donated to the Baima County, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of poverty relief funds 1 million yuan, for the statement of the poor families out of poverty. Provincial Standing Committee, United Front Work Department, the Provincial Federation of Overseas Friendship, chairman of the division to participate in the donation ceremony, and with the aid of poor people on behalf of the donor presented hada.

is the use of donated funds, once, use two days of time, coordination and joint donations, poverty alleviation and in-depth contact point village banma County match town class brain river village and of the village, the research of precise poverty alleviation, visit twinning, leaving the village Party Secretary and village representatives to understand poverty categories, recognition standard, income channels, listen to their thoughts and hope. Once the department stressed that the county Party committee and government to further increase poverty alleviation efforts to achieve object recognition, work process and methods, the new fine concrete work, improve the plateau beautiful countryside, star civilized households selection, village remediation work, actively educate and guide the masses to establish a new concept of environmental protection, green new life, to ensure the realization of well-off society local farmers and herdsmen and the province and the National People’s synchronization.

Wu Hanzhong said that as China citizens, Qinghai CPPCC members, should be Qinghai building blocks, the precision of poverty alleviation efforts, with modest for the land development increases a little power, to bring more people into this beautiful land has a look, take a walk.


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