Datong County to create a new brand of winter tourism

In recent years, Datong County in our province travel time is short, affected by seasonal change is obvious, the actual situation of winter tourism characteristics of the short board, in creating new winter sports tourism theme, advocating healthy and happy life of the new concept, feel the new style Linhaixueyuan ice, promote the new development of travel integration perspective, actively expand ideas my kite, relying on the County Ditch national Forest Park natural environmental advantages, from December 25, 2012 to mid March 2013 held in the county town of Kangle East gap "style villa to kite ditch, snow Happy Valley" as the theme of the Qinghai · the first kite ditch Linhaixueyuan Ice Festival, which lasted 90 Yu Tian.

then, the county will be held Linhaixueyuan Ice Festival opening ceremony; carry out the snowmobile (snowmobile road 1000 meters, visitors can drive snowmobiles in Linhaixueyuan experience new feelings), snow flying saucer (in the specified area, operation control, ski, UFO) ski and snow snow basketball, real CS war activities, winter outdoor training activities, snow outdoor hiking in Linhai eight sports and snow fog (forest background reconstruction fog equipment, reproducing the charm of snow, ice and snow silver) and artificial scenery (at the set theme sculpture group of a group, set up a small hill in the snow several) the photography contest, carry out tour activities, determine the tourist routes, tourists sightseeing, experience farm life, children’s Snow Park (the snowman, in the maze) and 5D. Winter tourism and other activities, so that the county and even the city, the province’s people spend a different winter. (author: Tong Shouman)


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