Three bridges in winter are very warm

after intense construction, nearly four months of December 29th, three pedestrian bridges cross the Nanchuan river opened smoothly. Chen Yu photo


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the three bridges that make people feel very warm in winter

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connects the public places people from the most frequent and most intensive, greatly facilitate the masses here, leisure exercise, also let the charming Nanchuan river has added a fairly dynamic city landscape. The three bridge is the "three bridges light", but as in the hearts of the people erected a monument to the three. Because this is really a small place to start for the people to think, for the people of the fine hope.

people evaluate Huimin index: 90%

news story:

the morning of December 29th, more than and 10 minutes after the ceremony simple and plain, Nanchuan river across three pedestrian bridges officially began to pass. Walk the bridge three different shapes, the children’s Park, Nanchuan River on both sides of the stadium, the center square, small garden and other public places connected. Liu Wenxiang, Wang Ling two representatives of the public to become the opening ceremony of the bridge on the star of the three, along with the opening of the bridge cut color.

three pedestrian bridges cross the Nanchuan River project is the 2012 "is one of the key projects of tangible things. No. 1 pedestrian bridge located at 54 Avenue and West Main Street, East Central Plaza, west the Yellow River Road, a small garden, a total length of 45 meters, 8 meters wide bridge; between No. 2 walking bridge is located on the West Main Street and South Ring Road of Kunlun bridge, east of the stadium and the stadium, on the west side of the park for children, a total length of 84 meters, the middle combined with part of the bridge is 7 meters wide; between No. 3 Nanshan Road Pedestrian Bridge is located in the southern Beltway of Kunlun bridge and planning, on the eastern side of the substation of Kunlun, on the west side of the park for children, a total length of 71 meters, 6 meters wide bridge. Total investment of 27 million 930 thousand yuan. Three pedestrian bridges in Nanchuan River convenient pedestrian traffic at the same time, the auxiliary bridge evacuation of people, the Nanchuan River connecting the two sides more closely, to further enhance the traffic on both sides of the river and leisure function. Three bridges through the Xining evening news program for the public to solicit the views and suggestions of the general public, some suggestions to adopt.

public feelings:

67 years old people sing songs in the central square meter Wu, braved the cold of minus 20 degrees Celsius, waiting for watching the pedestrian bridge opening ribbon cutting ceremony. ;

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