Xining City 32 entrepreneurial team began hatching


September 3rd, 32 entrepreneurial team settled in Xining City College Students Entrepreneurial incubation base, while driving the employment of 102 people.

it is reported that the city of university students entrepreneurial incubation base relying on entrepreneurial support policies, based on the views of the provincial and municipal college students to start a business plan, designed to create the first one-stop entrepreneurial incubation base. The base is divided into culture media area, production area, e-commerce area, comprehensive service area, science and technology innovation and creativity, the 5 "business garden area" has a product display area, office area and reception area, provide office, business negotiation, service for the incubatee reception, and show the incubated enterprises production and operation of sales of products. Inside the incubator management office, Department of management, enterprise expert guidance service department, responsible for carrying out the business guidance and training and management work of the incubated enterprises, for the cultivation of young college students to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship should play a role.

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