Reporters scanned the first day of work after the holiday

at the start of the new year, Everything looks fresh and gay. February 7th is the first working day after the holiday in the spring festival. After the first day of work, the working conditions of the unit? Is the window unit service satisfactory? Are people working in the right place? Yesterday, the evening news reporter Bingfen Road on the city authorities and window units were "scanning", or follow the City Commission for Discipline Inspection thorough investigation team inspections of the units; or is the first day of their own to the windows service units survey years after work state.

reporter found joy, years after the first day of work, do not open their hearts, everyone’s heart has been recovered; tardiness phenomenon is almost zero; the service hall full of spirit and service in place; personnel departments and units carry out their duties; fine management has been further implemented; many intimate service is let the masses feels comfortable. Despite the emergence of service launch such undesirable phenomenon, however, our various industries and departments are in different forms and methods to improve their work style, improve work efficiency and service level, and strive to achieve the masses zero barrier.
less than 10 minutesRun the


survey theme: service first".

interview location: municipal administrative service center.


] field survey on February 7th at 9 in the morning, the reporter saw in the municipal government administrative service center hall, each window has begun to normal service, personnel agency, file storage and other window staff are busy in order, there are three consultants in the central hall, enthusiastically asked to come for business people and make corresponding guide.

in the personnel file window, Ms. Liu is handling file transfer business, she is today’s first customer. Staff is very patiently for her to explain the business procedures, the process is very smooth. Liu workers in the field of archives has been already three years, the talent exchange centers in Xining, this year have cast in migrant workers to handle the business. She told reporters, had worried that the morning will not do, at least until the afternoon, but the staff quickly for her to handle all the formalities, and very thoughtful for her interpretation of the relevant policies, the whole procedure is actually less than 10 minutes before and after.

[comment] for business people, Liu said, the Spring Festival holiday has just ended, the thought that many units as usual "door hard, ugly face", "unexpectedly, left the door to the hall, there are staff enthusiastically asked what I want to transact business, and guide the window for me. The most surprising is that the speed of the business is particularly fast, plus less than 10 minutes to explain, this new year’s first thing, I feel very intimate."

(intern reporter Zhou Lingyuan)

window unit service uneven hot and cold

survey theme: window unit service attitude.

interview location: East District government;

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