Sales dilemma of Chinese companies

Compared to

and Chinese abroad, the development of the market is not enough, is still in the initial stage, the further development and promotion, which Chinese sales development is far behind the western countries, the dilemma facing the company is sales Chinese repeatedly haunt us.


‘s sales level why not go up

because most of the sales staff have no time, no energy, no tools to do the preparatory work.

"salary issue 60%" mode

I do sales, two months ago had been taking office a government agency to develop the business in Southern China in Guangzhou. Yesterday I went back to the company to catch up with the new policy. Meeting that two CEOs agreed last month all sales staff did not complete the task, basic salary only in accordance with the original 60% release. We want to work for half a month

The company had a

and layoffs, the original commitment to us: 3 months, familiar with the market and develop the market, now have become a fart thing. How can we, these did not participate in the formal training of civil servants of the people, how can the use of administrative means to do the market? How can the two CEOs in the officialdom roll things for decades by a few days too easy? Today two veterans finally say: we must do 200 thousand performance No. 15 before this month, but the money must be to the account, or even last month’s wages shall be issued only 60%. The company does not require you to have much ability, only ask you to go out to be a man, the results of

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