Rural small shops want to break from what aspects

in the metropolis mall, we can see at any time to adjust, from time to time has entered into a new shopping mall in the experience, and some rural shops, from the date of birth will no longer have any change, in such a competitive society, want to get higher recognition you need a break.

super excellent location, clean goods display, rich variety of supply and other advantages, is far behind the village shops. However, the store also has its own advantages: flexibility, operation is easier to control; the customers are mostly local district folks, easier to communicate and understand their shopping needs. If you proceed from the following aspects, rural stores can still have a breakthrough, broad prospects.

store clean, reasonable layout. Rural small shops are generally relatively small space, and do not pay attention to the display of goods, and some even do not have a shop trick, outsiders do not know this is a shop. If we want to attract more customers, we must pay attention to the store image. Hang up the shop signs. Signs like a shop facade, with a good appearance customers are willing to come. Outside the shop to keep clean and tidy, the owner is not qualified to take a shed, anti swing table, put a few stool, the convenience of customers can also provide Xiejiao chat, chess, poker and attract more popular. To store goods classified display, price tag, and ensure the quality and freshness.

adequate supply, highlighting the characteristics. As the saying goes, not afraid of not making money, not afraid of goods. Rural small shops in order to attract customers to the store consumption, we must expand the supply, and gradually build their own operating characteristics. In order to seize the consumer psychology of the surrounding people, in addition to the preparation of the daily necessities of life, but also need to prepare a richer variety of goods for their purchase. With a variety of products, but also to highlight their own characteristics. For example, a popular cigarette, bulk wine, non-staple food, vegetables, rural small shop can do more on these commodities.

warm service, honest and trustworthy. Rural small shops in order to make the business bigger and stronger, but also to play a good card service. Today, the diversification of the purchase channels allow consumers to have more choice, no one is willing to waste money in the shop he is not satisfied with. Village shops should seize the contact with customers zero distance advantage, to treat every customer, listen to their opinions and suggestions, can be door-to-door delivery, discount sales and other measures, to establish a good reputation of the store image.

In fact,

has a lot of rural shopkeepers realized the importance of the store breakthrough, however, due to the limitations of thinking, even if the heart to break, but do not know what to start with. So, with the introduction of the above small series, if these rural small shop owners want to make a breakthrough, know how to do it?

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