How to operate a healthy plant bonsai

if it is only a general bonsai business, although the market demand is indeed very large, however, the operator is also huge, the market competition is very intense, want to make money is not an easy thing. However, in the new era, the various industries are innovative, bonsai market is the same, so it gave birth to a healthy plant bonsai. So, how to manage the plant bonsai?

According to incomplete statistics: now

city residents per household pot for decades up to ten times, average between 2 – 5 pots. As a result, many of the operators in the early operation of the pot and nursery projects earned a bowl full of pots. But with the influx of a large number of operators, and some distinctive people began to give up on Roof garden flowers of different tree species to vegetables. It is difficult to make a profit on it now. Some people say that the crisis is a turning point, here is to provide a new proposal for the public for urban white-collar workers and young people, specializing in the operation of a variety of herbs, health care plants.

recommended reason: how to manage the plant bonsai? Plant bonsai and modern people are closely related to the project can be a permanent changsheng. No matter the size of the size of the investment professional or not can get a good income, the only problem is that many of its operators, industry competition is intense, the possibility of making profits less. But health care is effective to avoid the traditional bonsai pot to decorative effect, have been used to the extreme competition in the industry, and will plant edible and medicinal functions as a selling point, based on the industry in general hot on the essence of investment.

like a cactus, because computer can absorb radiation, and by the long-term work in the computer next to the white-collar welcome. Aloe vera can be beautiful, and favored by many women. So there is every reason to believe that such a plant with special effects, will become a hot market in the future.

One of the advantages of

: how to manage the plant bonsai? Small bonsai plants specially care business customers is hitherto unknown, whether use of goods for men and women, old and young, with a gift shop investment is unique and practical conditions. The kidney bean curd like grass, tree, basil, is a popular plant sought after market.

Two of the advantages of

: many well-known, and ornamental strong easy cultivation of medicinal plants, such as ginseng, American ginseng, etc.. Low cost easy to purchase, but the market is rare for sale. But they are a healthy and ornamental plant with dual functions.

advantage of the three: how to manage the health plant bonsai? Product updates and mining initiative entirely by the operator to control, not subject to market bottlenecks and technological development constraints, inexhaustible resources sustainable development. For operators, the health care plant is more of a management ability and knowledge.

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