China venture capital why did not burst out

Chinese investment purchasing power has been widely optimistic, but entrepreneurs always feel that can not find financing channels, which is why? Because of the current investment and entrepreneurship as a whole, there is a bias value, cautious investors do not want to waste money in the market has not been tested items.

however, from a business point of view, only 3% of people can get 97% of the funds, and even some people feel "entrepreneurial venture suffered winter spring". Because, in the business week, each investor that attitude, before the next outlet, can not easily cast his money.

according to statistics, in recent years, the venture capital market, the U.S. venture capital institutions every year a total investment of about $50 billion, China venture capital institutions about $16 billion; the average amount of A round of financing of American venture enterprises was 7 million to 8 million U.S. dollars, Chinese venture for $3 million to $4 million. Zhu Xiaohu, general manager of Jinsha River venture capital fund, said in a number of seemingly obvious gap, in fact, reflects the difference in the cost of entrepreneurship between China and the United States, the two countries have really little difference in the size of the venture capital market. The successful investment hungry, great wisdom, people’s network, such as venture capitalists said that the current U.S. venture capital phase is losing money, while China is still on the whole venture capital, the greater the potential for development.

O2O upcoming wave round

new disclosure of angel investment and incubator Research Report, nearly ten billion yuan of investment amount this year, 71.7% of the flow of Internet start-ups. But not all Internet start-ups.

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