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in the process of urbanization continues to accelerate, many people have chosen to move forward to the city. Hefei in the first half of 2016, prices have been run, so many people have not had time to sell, the house has been sold out. Many buyers not only sigh, did not buy the house. Do not worry, in the first half of Hefei did not buy a house, the second half of the total amount of housing market over 60 thousand sets, so you can enjoy the selection of their favorite listings.

according to a real estate website statistics in Hefei, the second half of 2016, Hefei has 144 real estate projects push new, the total amount of housing market over 60 thousand sets. Among them, Binhu housing supply for nearly 10000 sets, the city’s first. Baohe, Changfeng, the supply followed, all over 6000 sets. High end disk get together to market, the future or now to price change".

from the market information on the housing market, the product format covers the high-level, small high-rise, villas, villas, apartments, office buildings and shops. Among them, the high level of products is still the absolute mainstream of the market, but apartments, high-end villas, villas supply is also large, occupy an important position in the property market.

2016 in the second half of Hefei is about to begin, you like what kind of house? What kind of house you want to buy, you have to be ready now! However, the reporter found that the second half of 2016, the amount listed in hardcover listings increased significantly, including pure new disc project in hardcover market, there are also some years after the old disk is through the "blank hardcover change". Are you interested in it?

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