What are the characteristics of entrepreneurial cheetah mobile CEO Fu Sheng tell you

entrepreneurial goals for each entrepreneur is very important, if the entrepreneur did not set up a correct business goals for himself, then he may be very small probability of success. Do you want to know what are the characteristics of the right entrepreneurial goals? Cheetah mobile CEO Fu in the following to give you the answer.

the first target features: simple

the correct business objectives which features? Internet era, simple is a very important goal.

The complexity of your

I like to do

industry to lose weight?

If only a few thousand units, how to talk about the so-called ecological chain. A minimalist when you want to extend those things. Your resources are limited. A word is clear, the whole company can understand, everyone does not need to repeat communication, know what to do.

for this simple goal, we did the whole automatic analysis. Full use of anti-virus technology. But it’s very simple for users. All cleaning software are used, with Clean  Master can clean out the garbage, but also to make the phone faster.


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