Shop management not only need to work to find the right path

some bosses when the store is very hard, but can not find the "right", resulting in business affected business. In fact, if you want to open a shop, want to make the business of the shop is more popular, bring more wealth in return for operators, not only need to work, also need to find the right path.

I am the owner of the town of Huangqi Dan Dan miscellaneous food store, operating the store for several years, has gone through a lot of trials and hardships, still thriving business. We don’t have any management skills. If you have to say yes, that is what I believe: hard work without it!

our store in rural areas, although it is located in the vicinity of the station, but the customer is still relatively small. Also, customers around the station is not very stable, sometimes very few people, one hour will not see two or three people; sometimes, although many people watching, but many people just see, there are a large part of the bus to go to other places to buy.

in order to attract more customers, we will extend the store operating hours. Fortunately, this shop is our two siblings together, we take two way to look at the shop, one day, one night, although hard, but the staff still can arrange. But we also believe that diligence can become rich, as long as we are industrious, do more, earn money.

has been in business for a while, and business is booming. But then around the convenience stores operating cigarettes mushroomed, to bring a lot of pressure on our business. However, through the years of operating experience and constant trial and error, we also found a new advantage, that is, sales of new products and seasonal sales strategy.

sales is new, just out in the new commodity, when widespread positive OTC products. There is one of the biggest advantages – others do not, we have, as long as customers look at new products, we can only go to the store to buy. Every time we buy new products will not be a lot of time to fight in the new popularity of the time frame, so there will not be a backlog of inventory. The cigarette sales method is inspired by the sale of beverages.

season sales strategy, the original inspiration is actually derived from the sale of beverages. We found that in business, summer, customers buy love cola, Sprite and other refreshing drinks; while in winter, customers tend to choose tea tastes soon concentrated drink. Inspired by this, in the winter and summer, the type of cigarettes I pushed to the customer was different. After I had chosen the method of recommending cigarettes in season, I found that the customer’s ability to receive was much higher than the recommended method.

in the mode of operation, we have encountered bottlenecks – hardware constraints. Since our store is only thirty square meters

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