The Hand-Pulled Noodle joining process simple venture investment is peace of mind

either in the South or in the north, pasta are loved by the people, of which the Hand-Pulled Noodle loved by many people as the authentic Japanese Hand-Pulled Noodle project, the Hand-Pulled Noodle in the catering market continue to praise. Now, the investment Hand-Pulled Noodle, allowing entrepreneurs to open new business opportunities.


Hand-Pulled Noodle procedure


Hand-Pulled Noodle joining process:

1. reservation application: submit the intention to apply for the consultation to join, cooperation qualification assessment.

2. project: the Hand-Pulled Noodle headquarters, to obtain relevant information, to join the requirements and determine the target market research, business circle.

3.: the contract assessment Hand-Pulled Noodle headquarters issued feasibility plan, signed the concession contract, awarded the franchise license certificate.

4. store location: special Hand-Pulled Noodle headquarters to appoint a professional personnel to assist the franchisee store address selection, design store renovation plans, monitoring the whole decoration shop support.

5. personnel training: according to the business plan, put forward to the headquarters for sending staff to Hand-Pulled Noodle including making desserts, ingredients and shop full of training management.

6. opening co-ordination: the development of the business plan, the full guidance of the work of opening, the opening of the material preparation.

7.: the Hand-Pulled Noodle headquarters accreditation supervision opened stores under the guidance of professionals, equipment installation and commissioning, live training, exercise test business.

8. began operations: official business after the Tang Dynasty Hand-Pulled Noodle headquarters follow up guide franchise management and operation, provide product upgrading, management optimization, technical training and other long-term business support.


Hand-Pulled Noodle project now in China has a huge consumer groups, more consumers become loyal fans of the Tang Dynasty Hand-Pulled Noodle. Catering business investment in a special Hand-Pulled Noodle stores, only a few million yuan of investment, and the Hand-Pulled Noodle joining process is simple, eliminating the cumbersome steps, choose wisely Hand-Pulled Noodle special business.

with the development of modern people for Hand-Pulled Noodle love, the Hand-Pulled Noodle joined the market prospect is very broad, interested businesses to a flourishing Tang Dynasty Hand-Pulled Noodle stores.

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