Li Wei Tao investment prospects crock of fast food

now, many people like to eat fast food delicacy characteristic in many brands, delicacy, Li Wei Tao crock fast food and distinctive features, excellent taste, so that consumers continue to praise, now Li Tao crock simmer investment prospects are very good fast food.

brand image support: join the company free of charge to provide a full range of brand VIS, shop clothing, accessories, chest cards and other programs.

store decoration support: free shop decoration design, unified brand image.

opening guidance support: agent free of charge to provide business planning activities, can be assigned to take the shop master guidance.

management support: invited well-known industry planning agencies, the guidance of professional operation.

advertising support: join the product in the major TV stations, magazines, newspapers, outdoor advertising.

expert training support: expert in store guidance, and product, operation and sales training.

support: to make excellent performance awards performance of Li Wei Tao crock fast food to give certain incentives agents.

information sharing support: analysis of sales data, market dynamics in a timely manner to the franchisee.

marketing activities support: China Merchants to provide marketing activities planning, event marketing planning, advertising planning.

regional protection support: strictly control the number of regional franchise stores, to ensure that each franchisee has sufficient source.

business advantage:

Jane: simplify the operation process, provide secret techniques and tips, 30 seconds out meal, fast and convenient, ensure high rate of over taiwan.

: Qigihar Li Tao crock simmer fast, 18 hours a day of business, restaurant waiter and customer checkout, zero distance communication, go meal, close to complete one-stop.

investment advantage:

professional training zero foundation, hot tide shop 2 people open!

store area can be large and small, free headquarters location, free decoration design, and training to the headquarters, the entire store output, 2 people can operate!

everywhere is the profit point, where the shop to make money!

in today’s era, entrepreneurs to invest in fast food has a vast profit space, as a popular delicacy, Li Wei Road > quick crock

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