What new opportunities can be brought about by traditional diet

Chinese since ancient times is a diet very country, with the traditional classification of eight in Chinese, different cuisines have their own characteristics, which is representative to the number of Sichuan, Sichuan then can give now the market to bring what opportunities?

advantage: eating is a permanent topic, Sichuan and popular, so choose the right direction. The same is done Sichuan, people can make prosperous "hot cool", a bowl of noodles sold 4 yuan can sell 100 yuan, what do not in the business, but how to do. Sichuan production method is simple, saves a hired cook shop area of trouble, not seeking, husband and partner joint venture employees do not reduce the cost, quick return.

disadvantages: Folk special snack shop, perhaps not difficult to survive, but also not easy to expand. The best first opened in downtown or in the markets, to attract mobile tourists, residents hidden do not say, and not on the level, to hit fame, is long and hard. But the mouth picky, folk snacks is at an end, and the people of his own body is take care of the store, so show the utmost solicitude, health requirements.


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