See the menu O2O how to leverage delicacy industry chain

6 6, the focus of the "delicacy and media" theme of the forum held in Beijing, the organizers of which party is the largest community delicacy and good bean recipes APP developer network, the other is to grasp the hot trend of Communication University of China "showing" delicacy culture and media research subject group. It is understood that the organizers will not only issued a "tongue 2" during the broadcast new media data from the official point of view, will invite the "tongue" dormitory instant noodles of the creative team to share their creative motives, so that more viewers Tucao put forward their own ideas, into positive energy, with reference to the column group.

delicacy spread roadmap: traditional media to new media

The structure of

when the new angle of the media content to form a cohesive force, which in turn affect the traditional media, the propagation route map actually reduced between the media and the audience of the channel, greatly reduce the cost of communication, to some extent, if the delicacy of traditional media and new media cooperation, can be said to enhance the degree of market".

leveraging the fulcrum of delicacy, industry chain

2 from the tip of the tongue to the new media, delicacy O2O seems doomed to be a high-profile market. O2O is very hot, food is just needed, seemingly unlimited potential, but no one can predict the future. Connect the virtual world and the real world, leveraging the entire planet, in fact, just a fulcrum. The strength of the good bean recipes, from its depth rather than breadth. Only focus, in order to achieve the depth of O2O, and traditional industries closely. From the forum can also be seen as a new media, the good beans network, originally life network, as well as the traditional delicacy industry chain, a bottle of wine club Pavilion, Merlot olive oil, and then to Jasay electric kitchen, boss appliances delicacy of peripheral industries, are involved in the discussion, show the delicacy of new media attention and optimistic.

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